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Creating a News Article Page

  • From the Sitemap, create a new page for your news article under News.
  • Edit the content of the page the same way as any other page on this site.
  • Here is an example News Article page

Creating a News Snippet on this page

  • Create each News Snippet in a new Content Block. This will allow you to easily delete the items you no longer need or to re-order them.
  • Use a Heading 2 for the title, and link the heading to the full page.
  • Write a short teaser for the article in a paragraph.
  • Create a View Article link that links to the full page.

↓ Below is an example News Snippet ↓

Heading 2 which is linked to page

Paragraph content. Update View Article » with link to page... View Article


The rest of the page is visible to everyone. Place your News Snippets below here.

Lutheran Living Leads the Way in Health Care Innovation

Lutheran Living has joined Remedy Partners in the development and management of a bundled payment program for Medicare recipients. Promoted by the Affordable Care Act to help replace the traditional fee-for-service healthcare model, this model is intended to help to meet the goals of improving outcomes in care, increasing patient satisfaction and reduce the overall cost of healthcare—and it is gaining momentum. View Article