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Enrichment Beyond Expectations

Dimensions of Wellness

Enrichment Beyond Expectations is dedicated to providing comprehensive programs to our senior living communities that support our holistic approach to our residents’ well-being. Our commitment to enhancing our residents’ lives is realized through our team’s implementation of a well-balanced and purposeful lifestyle that encompasses:


Cultivate a hopeful outlook and agility when faced with life’s challenges.


Promote physical health through quality care, culinary arts, movement, strength, and balance.


Inspire social interaction and meaningful connections with others.


Cultivate a hopeful outlook and agility when faced with life’s challenges.


Support a sense of belonging and inclusivity through the spiritual and religious programming which matters most to each person.


Stimulate brain and cognitive health for residents of all levels of care through lifelong learning and challenging activities.


Celebrate aging positively, as if aging in reverse.


Ensure safety, accessibility, and comfort in the physical environment.
At Lutheran Living, each resident’s customized, senior living experience begins with our team chronicling their life story so we may thoroughly get to know them and deeply understand their background, preferences, interests, talents, and abilities. Each person’s life story is a foundation that provides our heartfelt team with resources needed to develop a personalized, holistic approach to the care and services we deliver each day. By cultivating meaningful relationships with our residents, we design person-centered activities and experiences that resonate with each person on a deeper level.

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